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International affairs and multimedia production

The actors

> The client: EPD (Brussels) for the EU Delegation in Tunisia
> Production: Collateral Creations
> Filmmaking & editing: Alban Biaussat & Michel Tabet
> Images: Alban Biaussat
> Graphic & motion design: LOUIS
> Audio calibration: Earplug
> Colour calibration: Yannig Willmann
> Translations: Mériam Azizi
> Evaluator consultant of PASC: Aurélie Ferreira



Design a methodology using video tools for capturing and summing up elements of context and impact for this 7m euros EU-funded programme, in order to complement the traditional expert evaluation missions. Production of two evaluative films: a mid-term one (early 2015) and a final one (early 2016).

Popular perceptions of the exercise of power in Madagascar

The context

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), based in Brussels, implements an ambitious programme to support the capacities of the many associations that have emerged in Tunisia since the 2011 Revolution. As any other donor-funded projects, this PASC deserves to be evaluated by independent external consultants.

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) selected Collateral Creations to propose a filmed evaluation of its Civil Society Support Programme (PASC in French) in Tunisia, financed by the European Union. Thanks to this original and innovative monitoring, initiated in April 2014, a first film was produced in March 2015, and a second final one in June 2016.

After a first filmed evaluation focused on documenting the relevance of PASC and its early implementation in the changing Tunisian context, Collateral Creations’ team produced a second one as the programme comes to an end. It was scripted based on the findings of a more traditional evaluation mission by specialized consultants in late 2015. As such, it provides an attempt at illustrating some of its recommendations but also at gathering deeper and singular complementary information.

Vidéo évaluation du PASC Tunisie - film #2 FINAL (English version) from Collateral Creations on Vimeo.

Second film : impact & sustainability of the programme

The purpose of this second video evaluation is to elaborate on the first one, and to address the impact and sustainability of the PASC’s outcomes. By so doing, this film sheds light onto development challenges and objectives that future EU interventions may want to address, whereas the Tunisian political and security context (both national and regional) has significantly changed since PASC was first designed and started operating.

Collateral Creations chose to focus this second film on 3 key areas :
• The « field & human » factor : while the mid-term evaluation report provides a rather macro-analysis, this film clarifies some of its conclusions by documenting concrete examples and human experiences.
• The « testimony & study » dimension : by focusing on a limited number of key stakeholders of the PASC to individualise arguments, and by interviewing a set of interlocutors outside the programme to capture their perceptions, notably with regard to the complexities of the changing Tunisian context.
• The « lessons learnt " factor : this video evaluation follows a narrative that questions the perspectives for the future of participative democracy in Tunisia.

Film approach

Based on the mid-term evaluation report, the filmmakers chose to address four particular topics to tell about various dimensions of the programme, and reflecting various evaluation criteria:
• The issue of territorial coverage (relevance, efficiency)
• The issue of specialization of the programme’s actions (impact, effectiveness)
• The issue of the relationship and dialogue between CSOs and public actors (sustainability, impact)
• The issue of the programme’s adaptability to changes in context and its future (change in relevance, sustainability).

After a reference to humorous images of the first film, the introductory credits purposely visualize the documentary basis of the PASC, whose analysis was a necessary preliminary step, typical of such an evaluation mission.

The authors-filmmakers have chosen to stress their individual perspective in this video so as to affirm its difference with traditional audiovisual productions pursuing institutional communication objectives.

Then, the general context is first apprehended in Tunis with the programme directors. So as to lay an appropriate analytical framework, and to mention the reports’ main concluding comments.

The filmmakers then go on field mission and come back to the same regions they visited for the first film, in order to document the series of issues they selected for this movie, as relevant case studies.

On several occasion, the main interviewees have to share their thoughts while looking at their "live" image on a screen, so as to demonstrate their degree of sincerity when testifying.

Besides, the film shows some sequences of "making of" for transparency purpose, and to demonstrate the documentary approach chosen that differs from a mere institutional communication exercise.

Finally, the second film makes use of the same informal and light tone as chosen for the first film. This contributes to reflect one of the key positive outcomes of video evaluation as a methodology: using audiovisual materials during interviews proved a source of motivation for the project beneficiaries and stakeholders, who willingly participated in this exercice. Their active involvement should help achieve the general capitalisation and knowledge sharing objectives of this project.

A filmed evaluation of a civil society support programme in Tunisia, which address 4 key issues:
• Territorial coverage (relevance, efficiency)
• Specialization of the programme’s actions (impact, effectiveness)
• The relationship and dialogue between CSOs and public actors (sustainability, impact)
• The programme’s adaptability to changes in context (relevance, sustainability).

You can watch the video in English here:

Vidéo évaluation du PASC Tunisie - film #2 FINAL (English version) from Collateral Creations on Vimeo.

You can watch the video in French original version here:

Vidéo évaluation du PASC Tunisie - film #2 FINAL (version française) from Collateral Creations on Vimeo.

You can watch the video with Arabic subtitles here:

Vidéo évaluation du PASC Tunisie - film #2 FINAL (version arabe) from Collateral Creations on Vimeo.

Some screen captures of this video are available below:

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