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Collateral Creations is a consulting and multimedia production agency for international affairs and development assistance.

Our skills

We work with international and regional organisations, public and governmental institutions, NGOs, private companies, and research centres. We collaborate with media houses, cultural organisations, collectives of artists, and universities.

Designing a methodology to deal with dense problematics by proposing a tailor-made and original visual and analytical approach.

Managing projects by developing partnerships, orchestrating technical and art direction and supervising research work.

Producing hybrid content to assist in strategic decision-making, and to contribute to communication and awareness raising campaigns.

Promoting and distributing our contents to targeted or wider audiences to inform and advocate for solutions.

The purpose of our interventions is to help with decision-making by designing development strategies, capitalising experience and projects, and developing tools for training purpose.

We also contribute to large or specific communication and advocacy activities addressing various issues.

Collateral Creations Community - CCC

We operate as a platform in order to stimulate the collaboration between different professional sectors. We rely upon our networks of contacts that include photographers, film-makers, graphic designers, journalists, academics, experts and decision-makers on a variety of issues.

We generate new ideas and promote them

We help create meaning and make sense of complex issues b y engaging in studies, research and multimedia productions. For each subject we address, we orchestrate the dialogue between artists and experts in order to encourage the emergence of a shared and unique vision, to better understand the nuances of a particular issue at stake.

We produce hybrid contents merging visual creations and expert analyses

To answer our clients’ and partners’ objectives, we recruit the best specialists and visual artists, selected both for their unique skills and open-minded approach. We then manage the creative process by encouraging dialogue and sharing ideas. Together, we produce creative visual works (photo, video, graphism) and studies (analyses, strategies, consulting). We plan and manage their distribution, whether in parallel or in an integrated fashion, and choose the most appropriate channels.

  • Management
    Alban Biaussat

    Alban Biaussat is Managing Director of Collateral Creations which he co-founded in 2010. He combines his multimedia activities with his extensive professional experience in international affairs. Alban is a producer and documentary filmmaker as well as a photographer whose work has been exhibited and published internationally and is syndicated by PINK & SAIF in Paris. He also consults with international organisations in support to the media sector, preventive diplomacy and democratisation in developing countries across the world. He graduated from ESCP Europe, the London Business School, the University de Bristol and the London College of Communication.

  • Team & consultants
    Michel Tabet

    Michel Tabet is an anthropologist and filmmaker specialized in the Middle East and the Arab world at large. He has a PhD from EHESS and a master degree in multimedia editing from Sorbonne University. Michel took part in various research programmes, contributing his video skills and competencies in social science. He works closely with Collateral Creations on making institutional documentaries and video evaluations of development projects.