CCC / Collateral Creations Community

In brief

Collateral Creations’ ambition is to offer a space that promotes dialogue, interaction and collaboration between diverse and complementary organisations and professions. We want to bridge across the universe of visual creation, the sector of international organisations and corporations, the world of research and academia, and that of the media.

We operate on three levels:

-  By animating a network to keep our partners informed, be they individuals or institutions, and to share with them news about our activities, or to get them involved in some of our projects.

-  By orchestrating Communities for specific centres of interest, organised by thematic, geographic or creative dimensions. We set them up according to the projects we implement and activate some of our closest partners accordingly, who we encourage to contribute in different fashion, depending on their skills and availability, as well as our projects’ needs.

-  By bringing together a dozen individuals, renowned in their own discipline, as a Council. They accept to provide Collateral Creations with strategic and artistic support and advise during one or two years, out of interest for the entrepreneurial and creative project we have set in motion.

The individuals involved in these groups become member of the Collateral Creations Community (CCC). As such they can interact with specialists of other disciplines about original issues of their concern.

We are, therefore, always looking for new talents and for new appetite to join the Collateral Creations Community. Please, do not hesitate to express your interest if you believe you can contribute to our activities and wish to be part of this adventure !

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