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Consulting & studies

Project in support of a peaceful and inclusive electoral process in Zanzibar (PROPEL)

The context

Client: Electoral Centre for Electoral Support (ECES)
Project funded by the EU Delegation to Tanzania.
Dates: August 2015-August 2016

EU-funded conflict prevention and mitigation project in Zanzibar implemented by ECES involving a team of specialists, focused on the pre/post-electoral period in Zanzibar (Oct 2015), involving dialogue, mediation, mapping and communication/sensitization activities.

Provision of expertise in religious & political dialogue, conflict management and communication services.

Develop a dialogue infrastructure in favour of politicians and religious leaders to transmit messages of tolerance and non-violent solution to conflict and societal tensions that may arise due prior to, during or after the elections in their respective communities at national, regional and grassroots levels.

Mentoring/coaching of organisations of religious leaders for inter and intra-faith dialogue.

Support and advise the conduct of continuous development of conflict management and mediation skills linked to the electoral process and dealing with youth.

Formulation of additional activities and documentation related to politico-religious extremism.

Assistance in institutional and development communication.