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Newsletter #01

In brief

  • Collateral Creations develops on the markets of project video evaluation

  • New jobs opportunities! More here.

(Editorial project: 3 books and 6 authors)


AFRO FOOD ... for thought is an exhibition that brings together the results of the first three countries (South Africa, Senegal, Angola) studied within the global project on Food habits of African middle classes imagined and implemented by Collateral Creations on behalf of the BEL Group.

An original set up and scenography was created on this occasion to show over fifty author and corporate images taken from the bodies of photography work of Joan Bardeletti, Alban Biaussat and Olivier Culmann realized for this project. The exhibition also included extracts of the sociological research carried out our teams in each country, as well as some multimedia pieces.

  • Watch the "making off" of this exhibition and learn about the collaboration between the BEL Group and Collateral Creations (video in French):