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International affairs and multimedia production

The actors

> The client: International IDEA - communication department, in collaboration with the General Secretariat and the various thematic departments.
> Production & management: Collateral Creations
> Film making: Jean-Lionel Dias, and Agathe Dalisson
> Editing: Marjorie Smadja
> Graphic & motion design: Death In Paris
> Music: Kitchen Dub



The overall objective of this project is to tell the story and the mission of International IDEA, an institution famous worldwide, that employs staff with diverse profiles, competencies, all human and open to the world.

The Green(er) Side of the Line - Israel/Palestine Video: support to democratization in Sudan

The context

The Interntational Institute for Democracy and Electoral Affais (IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization, with 28 Member States, with a mission to support sustainable democracy worldwide. It launched a call for proposals to produce a revamped introduction video to the Institute to account for the many developments which have taken place since 2009, for example International IDEA’s involvement in the West Asia and North Africa region following the Arab Spring.

Collateral Creations was selected by the International IDEA to produce its new promotional video and present its activities in Stockholm and around the world, focusing on the Institute’s human dimension and by taking a creative, yet fairly neutral and aesthetic approach.

Collateral Creations brought together a team of complementary creative professionals with experience in film making, graphic and motion design, mounting and editing, and in production management, as well as in media development, democratization and electoral affairs.

New original footage was produced in Stockholm and in Kenya, notably when interviewing key staff members of International IDEA and their interlocutors. Some existing visual material, already available from the Institute, have been selected to be part of the film. Graphic and motion elements have been designed and integrated with other sequences in order to reach out to a wider audience, but also to facilitate a better understanding of the issues and concepts which International IDEA is specialised in.

The end result is an 11-minute long video. It introduces the main areas of intervention of International IDEA, and stresses the human dimension of its work, thus echoing the citizen and collaborative engagement that it wants to promote as a factor for change.


Please watch the video produced:

Introduction video to International IDEA from Collateral Creations on Vimeo.

Below, some screen captures taken from the video:

Link to the International IDEA’s website: